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Menard Duria | Social Media Coordinator

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Speaking Level: Conversational English

About Menard Duria

Performance-focused, analytical, and detail-oriented professional with over eight years of experience and exposure in digital marketing, including search engine optimization and social media strategies. A hard-working individual with verifiable record of success in accomplishing tasks on time while displaying determination and dedication to work. Equipped with well-defined multi-tasking, decision-making, problem-solving, and organizational skills. Holding an exceptional feat for consistently grabbing the Perfect Attendance award for eight consecutive years.

Communication Skills

English Speaking
Conversational English
English Writing
Not set

Working Environment

Work Place
Work Station
Internet Speed
7 Mbps and Higher

Previous Work Experience

Department of the Interior and Local Government
Media Monitoring and Transcribing
1-3 years


Total: 0

My Skills

Writing Skills Level 3: I'm Good
Content Writing Level 3: I'm Good
Article Writing Level 3: I'm Good
Blog Writing Level 3: I'm Good
Copywriting Level 3: I'm Good
Creative Writing Level 3: I'm Good