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Employer FAQs and Our Answers to Them

What is the role of a virtual assistant or VA in my business?

The primary role of virtual assistants or VAs is to provide a wide array of services to your business remotely, regardless of the location. From administrative tasks such as managing events and running personal errands to digital marketing tasks. A virtual assistant can perform key tasks or various services to entrepreneurs or businesses.

What virtual assistance work can a VA do for me?

A VA can perform almost any office tasks using a computer. In other words, a VA is like an office secretary or administrative assistant. The only difference is that a VA is not present in the workplace, as he/she works remotely or from a different location.

How will I benefit from your service?

VA4Hire is an online job market platform that enables businesses of all sizes to balance work productivity. The goal of the platform is to establish a workplace where virtual assistants and firms capitalize on competency and business growth. That said, as a business owner, partnering with VA4Hire is beneficial to improve business processes and achieve business goals.

Why must I hire a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are in demand for their expertise and efficiency in managing tasks which helps companies to focus on core business functions. As for the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, they can access the necessary data and tools to do the job virtually. This way, small-to-medium sized businesses can manage their budget effectively. Furthermore, hiring a virtual assistant can increase your efficiency by outsourcing non-core tasks.

How can I tell if it’s time for me to hire a VA or VAs?

It can be difficult to find a virtual assistant, especially if this is your first time employing someone else to look after your business. If you feel like you're currently immersed in your business, that you're overworked, or that you don't have enough time to devote to other aspects of your life that require your attention, hiring a VA or VAs might be really beneficial.

Worker FAQs and Our Answers to Them

How do I qualify as a VA4Hire freelancer?

VA4Hire is an online job market platform where employers hire the right candidates by choosing talents who match their criteria. As a candidate, you will be screened based on your skills, credentials, portfolios, and skills test scores. If you’re qualified for the job, a potential employer will arrange a chat or interview with you to discuss job-related matters and reach an agreement.

What information, documents, or credentials must I submit to verify my membership?

As an employer, you may register and provide details about your business prior to posting. To verify your membership as a candidate, all you have to do is complete your profile. Required information includes your age, gender, desired pay, preferred employment type, and contract. In addition, put your relevant skills and credentials.

How will I benefit from your service?

One of the main goals of VA4Hire is to help professionals find jobs as virtual assistants to work for various businesses. We are committed to showcasing the talents and skills of Filipinos not only in the Philippines but also across the world. With our service, we can help you get connected with a wide range of employers looking for qualified candidates like you.

What tasks or work assignments can I find or do on VA4Hire?

A virtual assistant is an independent worker who performs and delivers tasks such as administrative, business development, social media management, marketing, and other key tasks. Whether a full-time or part-time talent, there are plenty of job openings that a virtual assistant can apply for. Check out available jobs: Find Jobs

How much will you get for each job or employer I will gain through your service?

Nothing. VA4Hire will not ask for or get a percentage share of the earnings you will gain through our service.

Worker/Employer FAQs and Our Answers to Them

Why must I join VA4Hire?

As for employers, you can easily hire a talent by just evaluating a freelancer's application document with exact filters to narrow down the search using the VA4Hire's database. Moreover, employers could easily hire remote workers, pay for hires, and work with them efficiently through a comprehensive project tracking system.

On the other hand, as a candidate, joining VA4Hire can help you widen your professional network, connect with potential employers, and explore a wide array of job opportunities online.

How can you assure me that my personal information and privacy will be confidential?

VA4Hire will not divulge any of your personal and business information with another person or company. For detailed information, read and consent to VA4Hire’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What are the steps to becoming a VA4Hire member?

For employers: before you can post jobs and hire virtual assistants at VA4Hire, you must register and provide details about you and your business first. In addition, read and agree to VA4Hire’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. After agreeing, create your account.

What guarantee do I have that I will not meet a fraudulent contact through your service?

VA4Hire conducts thorough evaluation of the documents submitted by employers and freelancers before they can post jobs or apply for jobs. This is to ensure that the information provided are true and correct, and does not violate our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. That said, employers can only post jobs and freelancers can only search and apply for jobs once we have completed the assessment and verified their information.

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