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VA4Hire has made sifting through tons of resumes, posting jobs, and finding applicants easy.

Connect with skilled candidates and get precise search results to fill in posts through the most efficient platform.
Match with the most qualified talents

Find the best independent talent
for your company

Cast a wide net search on our database and engage in real-time online assessment. Join the digital network of companies and hire top talents.

How to Hire Virtual Assistants


Make an employer account.

Sign up and complete the needed details about your business.


Post jobs/find freelancers.

List job posting details (country, employment status, and salary).


Screen and pick candidates.

View credentials, portfolios, test scores, and clients’ comments.


Hire virtual assistants.

Discuss conditions, service rate, and payment method with VA(s).
Note: VA4Hire will remove job posts that show any contact information. Remote workers can apply by way of VA4Hire only.

Never miss the chance to find remote jobs

Seize opportunities and browse through dozens of job postings on VA4Hire. Create a profile, explore remote jobs, and start your home-based career.
For the Job Seeker

How to Join as a Virtual Assistant or VA


Start freelancer account.

Register using own email address and assign a strong password.


Build personal profile.

Add private information, relevant skills, and credentials.


Find and apply for a job.

Choose the job(s) in line with skills and apply for the post(s).


Take the offer and earn.

Sign the service contract, render fine work, and earn good money.
Note: VA4Hire will not collect any commission or fee from any successful deal between a freelancer and an employer.
Find the best digital nomad and foster growth

Get connected with talented remote workers and be ready for innovation.

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